Awkward But Funny Cleaning Requests

Many home cleaning companies in London have encountered some weird service requests. Some of them shared their experience with us, so we can all laugh a bit about the strange cases they had. Here are the most tricky and unusual requests that cleaners Cottenham Park had:

* A customer that needed a deep spring cleaning needed the feathers of his living room couch cusions that were filled with feathers to be entirely emptied, while the steam cleaning takes place and putting them back in, one by one, in order to keep their softness.

* speaking about pillows – another strange request was to hang all the pillows on the bedroom bed out on the patio until the cleaners were done with the vacuuming of the room. The customer requested that as he didn’t want to get any dust over the object he lays his head off during the night because he had a severe dust allergy.

* They confessed that one time they even had to leave a pile of leaves in the middle of the dining room and polish everything else immaculately. The pile was actually the main “toy” that the family’s little son was playing with, so they didn’t want to upset him by removing it.

* Another thing that cleaners Covent Garden shared with us was the case when they had to do some external window cleaning with ropes. During the appointment the property owner informed them that there were some swallows that live in nests on the corners of some windows and they might attack them if they try to destroy their homes. This, in fact was a quite stressful case and the technicians had to put some protection glasses and helmets to make sure that they won’t lose their sight if they end up in a fight with the angry birds.