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Recipes Greek Salad

There is nothing better in the midst of the hot summer than a refreshing, cool, salad! If you are tired of the regular lettuce side salads and are looking for something zestier, then this recipe is for you! Here’s something different that will cool off any hot summer day! It’s perfect for a light lunch […]

Recipes Cheesy Corned Beef Hash

My family loves corned beef hash for breakfast. This is so simple a child can make it. The best thing about it is that it only takes one minute to prepare and 4 minutes to cook. What you will need: 1 15 oz can corned beef hash1/4 shredded Kraft cheddar jack cheese with jalapeno1/2 tsp […]

Petes Eats Cafe the Worlds best Cafe where to Eat in Llanberis where to Eat in North Wales

Pete’s Eats is a cafe which first opened back in 1978. The cafe is located in Llanberis which is in the heart of Snowdonia. Llanberis has long been associated with the outdoor way of life, which means Pete’s Eats is primarily aimed at the walking community that can often be found in and around Llanberis. […]

Recipes Halloween Themed Food

Pumpkin mousse, sizzling bat wings and stuffed bat eyes are a favorite to add to your Halloween-themed food list. All are easy to make for Halloween and sure to fill the greedy appetites of those ravenous ghoulish guests! These are quick and fun to make for any Halloween party for the office, school, church event […]

Recipes Easy Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni SchotelCategory : One Dish MealServes: 6 Simple and yummy macaroni, the corned beef can be substitute with cooked minced beef or chicken or pork. You can also add saute bacon, sausages, cooked mushroom, whole kernel corn, boiled carrot, etc. Ingredients : 250 gr macaroni, boiled with a pinch of salt till done and strained1/2 […]

Recipes Deviled Mackerel

DEVILED MACKEREL If you like your fish with a zing then this rich, spicy dish will bring you the flavors that you cherish so much, plus of course the mackerel’s famed large quantities of healthy fish oil too. For this recipe you will need the following list of ingredients: 4 mackerel that have been gutted […]

Recipes Cooking Venison and other Meats from the Wild

Venison is a delicious meat, and can be prepared many ways. The meat doesnt have much fat and can easily be burn tough. So when cooking venison you want to make sure you use high heat and cook it fast. This way you can get a good tender meat. Of the many recipies i have […]

Recipes Chinese Green Beans with Ground Pork

This recipe’s basic procedure is the use of sauté techniques, so you’ll be guaranteed a nice warm meal for lunch or dinner. Depending on the quality of your ingredients, you’ll be assured of a delicious meal that’s relatively quick and easy-to-make, where you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy your daily intake of vegetables combined with […]

Recipes Bolognese Quick Recipe

Why go to a supermarket and buy Bolognese sauce in a jar when in a matter of minutes you can prepare and enjoy one that you have prepared yourself? In addition, you will find that it tastes so much better that the jars that you will have brought in the past. The joy of making […]

Recipes Bbq Ribs

I love country style pork ribs. This recipe is a bit of a hassle. However, for those who you who do not mind taking the time it is well worth it in the end. I prefer to make mine with a premade BBQ sauce such as Cattleman’s or Kraft that saves time on making sauce […]