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Recipes Cajun Spaghetti

If there were no other interesting and enjoyable attractions in New Orleans (and there are hundreds), finding and understanding spaghetti with fresh Cajun tomato sauce would make a trip to the Crescent City worth the effort. The basic sauce is a widely used condiment in New Orleans and appears on everything from jambalaya to scrambled […]

Recipe for Oreo Cookie Candy Bark

If you and your family love Oreo cookies then everyone will love this super-easy recipe for Oreo cookie candy bark. You only need a few ingredients and about 15 minutes and you are on your way to a delicious homemade candy. Also, this recipe is great for gift giving for any occasion. Items needed for […]

Recipe for Barbeque Sauce

This particular recipe for barbeque sauce is an real belter of a recipe. In fact it is more like a preserve rather than what you would have as a sauce. You can have it hot on the barbeque or cold with some cheese it’s just as good with both. And you can keep if for […]

Recipe for Sunshine Chicken Salad

I worked for several years as a personal chef and caterer and this recipe for chicken salad was one of the most requested recipes.   I had one personal chef client who requested this salad every single week and she literally begged me for the recipe when I told her that I was moving out of […]

Olive Oil uses

Olive oil is hearty, robust and the most versatile cooking oil known to man. Indeed, anyone who enjoys cooking in the least keeps olive oil on hand at all times. However, in addition to cooking purposes, olive oil maintains numerous alternative utilizations. These alternative uses serve as yet another reason why olive oil should be […]

Links between Childhood Obesity and Soft Drink Advertisements

Soft drink corporations turned their attention to the youth as the adult market became stagnant. Childhood obesity has been on the rise over the years, in part because of the push of soft drinks on children. Although obesity cannot be linked to a single cause, soft drinks top the list of guilty contributors. The focus […]

Product Review Kirkland Sweet Cream Unsalted Butter

Any baker who loves to use butter knows that unsalted, sweet, cream butter is an automatic favorite. Not only does it add sweetness and creaminess to any baked good that requires butter, but because this butter is made by Kirkland, the brand name of Costco wholesale, you are guaranteed that this butter is one of […]

Buffalo Wings from the Beginning

Buffalo wings are undeniably popular throughout much of the United States, and there are a number of variations for this dish. They can often be purchased, premade and frozen, in stores. They also aren’t particularly hard to make from scratch. For many, it is hard to even imagine watching the big game without some Buffalo […]

How to Make Mango Salsa

Ripe mango salsa Ripe mango salsa brings a sweet coolness, fresh crispness, and plenty of heat to accompany almost anything from grilled meats and poultry to chips and dips. The mysterious fun is that the salsa is usually deliciously interesting, and no matter how much you make, there are no leftovers. Although this article is […]