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Beany Fritters

I ate this as a side-dish at a very famous Puerto Rican restaurant in Chicago. It’s great, but they fried it in lard, which is just too heavy on the heart for me. I like a little more garlic than is suggested here. Suit yourself! A super party dip!

1 pound Great Northern beans
4 eggs
8 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups wheat flour
5 cups vegetable oil.

Soak beans for 24 hours. Crush garlic. Mix everything except oil in large bowl. Be sure everything is blended into a mushy even mix, removing all lumps. Heat oil in a large deep pan until bubbling. Drop mixture into frying oil, one large spoonful at a time. When crispy on one side, turn and brown the other. Serve on absorbent paper. This makes around twelve small servings.

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