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Why go to a supermarket and buy Bolognese sauce in a jar when in a matter of minutes you can prepare and enjoy one that you have prepared yourself? In addition, you will find that it tastes so much better that the jars that you will have brought in the past.

The joy of making a Bolognese sauce is that you know exactly what you yourself have put into the sauce. Moreover, I can guarantee that if you follow the recipe that I have put together you will enjoy a nice rich sauce that will go with any kind pasta and meat.

The ingredients.

*1 large onion.

*2 cloves of garlic.

*1 table of mixed herbs.

*2 cartons of chopped tomatoes in tomato juice.

*2 table of tomato ketchup.

*2 table of brown sauce.

Two table of Worcestershire sauce.

*2 table of beef gravy powder such as Bisto best.

Prepare the ingredients.

Peel and chop finally the onion and the garlic.

Fry the onion and the garlic in a little olive oil over a low heat until soft.

Add the 2 packets of chopped tomatoes in tomato juice and cool slowly stirring together that onion and the garlic.

Add the mixed herbs.

Add the tomato ketchup.

Add the brown sauce.

Continue stirring the mixture should have the colour of the tomatoes.

Add the Worcester sauce.

The mixture should have a runny consistency now.

Add the beef gravy powder and stir well and now you should see the mixture take on a much thicker consistency, if the mixture is a little bit too thick add a little water, what I do is I put a little water into the empty tomato carton swill it around and empty into the sauce this will thin the sauce and as you have swilled the carton with water it will have the added advantage of helping to keep the tomato flavour.

Keep stirring on the low heat for at least another ten minutes. Then take the sauce of the heat, you will find that with this recipe you will have enough to fill at least three large jars.

If you are eating the Bolognese sauce for your dinner, then you can add any meat of your choice to the sauce, and you will find that any kind of pasta goes well with it.

As this sauce is a richer variety, you will also find that you do not need as much sauce with your pasta as you would if you eat the shop brought variety.

Meat that can accompany this sauce.

*Minced beef.

*Minced pork.

*Minced lamb.

*Minced beef or pork made into meatballs.

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