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Candied peel is actually blanched, boiled and sugared citrus fruit peelings. These are mainly used in recipes but can also be eaten alone or dipped in a chocolate sauce. This recipe takes a little while to prepare but the freshness of the result will be worth it.

Candied Peel


2 pounds mixed oranges, grapefruits, limes, lemons, tangerines, or citron
(peel should be about the same thickness)
2 pounds granulated sugar
1 quart water

Optional: Chocolate dipping sauce


Cut fruit into quarters. Place on cutting board and slice fruit away from peel. Be sure to leave white pith attached to skin. Blanch peel in boiling water for a few minutes, then plunge into a cold water bath. Repeat this process twice more, using fresh water each time. In large saucepan or boiling pot, mix water and sugar, then bring to boil. When sugar is dissolved, reduce heat slightly and add the peel. Simmer gently until peel becomes translucent and much of the sugar water is absorbed. Time is approximately 45-60 minutes. Gently remove peel and allow to cool. Slice into smaller pieces for recipe use or larger pieces for dipping in chocolate.

Note: Be sure to reserve the fruit to enjoy later.

Additional Tips: Store candied peel in refrigerator, using an airtight container

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