Recipes Cooking Venison and other Meats from the Wild

Venison is a delicious meat, and can be prepared many ways. The meat doesnt have much fat and can easily be burn tough. So when cooking venison you want to make sure you use high heat and cook it fast. This way you can get a good tender meat. Of the many recipies i have tried for marinades, this one is probubly the best one i have used. The ingrediants are a little spendy, but this marinade can be used and kept for more than one meal.

Note: dont re-use a marinade, when makeing a big batch, make sure you sepratly pour desired amout of marinade and soak the meat in a seperate container. After you have soaked meat in a marinade, that marinade is only good for that time. Its not good to try and keep the marinade after its been exposed to raw meat.

Marinade Recipe:

1 bottle soy sauce

1 1/2 c sugar

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp Tabasco sauce

4 tbs sesame seeds

1/4 c sesame oil

1/4 Vegatable oil
Brown sesame seeds before adding to mix.

Combine all ingredants, marinade steaks 6-24 hours.

It is also great to sprinkle some seasoning salt ontop on the steaks while they are grilling.

Give it a try! its great!

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