Recipes Gourmet Pork Chops

For easy pork chops complete with rice and all in one pot, here is a favorite recipie of mine. I’ll call this Barbara’s Easy Pork Chops.

Olive oil in bottom of a stew pot. Just enough to coat the bottom of the pot.
Add pork chops and brown them on low.
One large can of Stewed Tomatoes
Chopped up into quarters, onion, green pepper and red or yellow peppers
Large can of Tomato Soup
One can of water added to the soup

Cook for 30 min
Depending on how much rice you want, add one to two cups of white rice.
Add enough water so the rice has liquid to absorb and cook. So perhaps start by adding one cup of extra water, as you’ll have some liquid from the tomatoes already in the pot.

Cover and let it boil slightly then reduce heat to cook the rice. When rice is cooked it’s time to eat.

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